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  1. Hi Eliza,

    I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed the SSI experience a few weeks ago— as you know, I’ve been working pretty extensively with faculty at colleges and universities over the past few years. This includes private and public institutions, large and small alike. What struck me most as compared to my usual collaboration with faculty was the palpable energy of the faculty in attendance. And, it wasn’t just a sense of energy (you know—those conferences where people talk a big game and then return to their institutions without effecting change)—it was learning with so many faculty who are pushing the boundaries at their respective institutions. The immense learning over the course of the few days has still left me thinking on how I continue to integrate the many lessons learned into my ongoing work. I’m sure the many faculty I had the honor of learning with and from—during both the keynotes and the breakout sessions—feel the same. Thanks again for all the work you do to make this possible and bring so many folks together from around the country, and looking forward to the great work ahead.

    Kind regards,

    Andrew P. Minigan, Ed.M.

    Director of Strategy, Education Program

    The Right Question Institute

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