Virtual Presenter Instructions

Creating a Video Presentation

Submitted videos must be in MP4 format. Some presenters opt to do a recorded Slide Show Presentation:

Recording a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation as a video is easy (in PPT the “record” function is under the “slide show” tab)  For help in creating your script, recording, and timing your presentation in PowerPoint there are lot of helpful videos on YouTube, for example:

Plan out your content.  Write a script and decide on slide images.

    • Use images instead of words on the slides.
    • Use only necessary animation, and use it sparingly.

Record the presentation with narration within PowerPoint or Keynote and the export (File>Export) to MP4 file format. Instructions are HERE.

Other presenters opt to record a zoom presentation, which exports directly to MP4 format. Here is short, clear, video (made for students).

When your proposal is accepted and your presentation complete, share the video with NCSCE:

Upload the MP4 file to any cloud repository (i.e. Google Drive or Dropbox, ensuring that you set the permissions to enable public downloading and send the URL to [email protected] Please use subject line: (your name)Video Presentation. JUST EMAIL ELIZA IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS!

Important: We are asking that video presentations all begin with a common a title slide format. Download a slide template here:

Poster: A poster is a single image containing a visual display of the presenter’s work that will be shown in the Posters & Exhibitions session during the conference and subsequently available on our website. Posters should be PDF and readable on screen (not too much text in small font!)  A ppt slide is an easy way to design and format a poster.