Pat Marsteller’s Bennett Award Team Tribute


Here is Pat Marsteller’s Statement on Winning the 2021 Team Wm. E. Bennett Award

Thank you so much for this exceptional honor for me and for my collaborators at BioQUEST/QUBES.  It is an even greater honor to be placed in the company of previous recipients. Receiving the William E. Bennett Award for Extraordinary Contributions to Citizen Science SENCER puts me and my colleagues at BioQUEST and QUBES in remarkable company.

Since 2001, SENCER has been transforming science education by focusing on real world problems, and extends the impact of learning across the curriculum to the broader community and society. I have followed and adapted SENCER ideals since my first encounter in 2002. Being recognized for our contributions by this remarkable group is a signal honor.

I want to recognize my colleagues who have helped me on my journey and who have contributed so much to Social Justice, Equity Diversity and Inclusion in science curricula.

Special thanks are due to former and current leaders of the BioQUEST Curriculum consortium. Beginning with my first meeting with John Jungck, BioQUEST founder, back in the early 90s, I was inspired to join this transformative community. John captured my heart with his three Ps philosophy and his focus on science for all. I worked with BioQUEST in many capacities over the years.  Everyone on the staff and board has continued the work of this community of transformation.  I call special attention to former executive director, Kristen Jenkins, who led us through the transition from university support to a non-profit entity.   The current executive director, Dr. Sarah Prescott has been my mentee and friend for many years.  Her vision is moving us in new directions.  Dr. Sam Donovan, initially joined us early in his career and has led many projects that transform education.  He was also an essential leader in the founding of the QUBES hub under a grant from NSF.  As BioQUEST and QUBES have merged into one entity this year, he has led our new model and its innovative approach.

Thanks to the BioQUEST QUBES team who support all my work and inspire me.

Stacy Kiser, who deepened my understanding of community colleges and nature work.

Hayley Orndoff, a real leader in Universal Design, who taught me many new approaches.

Deb Rook, the best organized leader for faculty mentoring networks in the world.

Drew Lamar and Jenny Kwan, whose technical expertise makes it easier for any of us to contribute to open resources.

Carrie Diaz Eaton, who as a leader of QUBES and also allowed me to contribute to the SCORE peer learning community that focused on examining social justice, equity, and race/racism in open education resource organizations.

Most recently I need to offer special thanks to the Social Justice Diversity, Equity and Inclusion working group from Biome 2020 and the Faculty Mentoring Groups that followed. We focused on Spotlights on counter-stereotypical scientists using data from their papers and on Social Justice in health and in the environment.  These wonderful and inspiring faculty created three workshops for BIOME 2021 and many sets of adaptable OER materials. Please check out their work at the following links.

Contributors include:

Mary Mulcahy, Ethell Vereen, Marci Cole Ekberg, Jennifer Kovacs, Durrain Ansari-Yan, Tamara Basham, Mackenzie Boyer, Matthew Joshua Heard, Adriane Clark Jones, Shannon Jones, Erica Lannan, Pat Marsteller, Sarah Prescott, Gustavo Requena Santos |

Tamara Basham, Denise Piechnik, Durrain Ansari-Yan, Mackenzie Boyer, Marci Cole Ekberg, Matthew Joshua Heard, Adriane Clark Jones, Shannon Jones, Jennifer Kovacs, Erica Lannan, Mary Mulcahy, Sarah Prescott, Gustavo Requena Santos, Ethell Vereen

Sarah Prescott, Justin Michael Bradshaw, Kristen Butela, Pratima Jindal, Rachel Pigg, Merrie Renee Richardson, Sheela Vemu, Suann Yang

Mega thanks to my friends and mentors, Ethel Stanley and Margaret Waterman who also led me deeper into PBL and Case Based Learning, with appreciation of diversity, inclusion and justice as our goal.

Although our work to incorporate Social Justice themes into curriculum and to inspire community-based changes has just began, I look forward to continuing to work with SENCER and BioQUEST/QUBES to build a brighter future.