Mid-Atlantic SENCER Center for Innovation Conference, January 16, 2021

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As scientists, science educators, and science communicators, we employ narrative in a variety of ways to shape the stories we tell about our work. Narrative can be a powerful way to connect the public to the work that we do. This virtual SENCER conference will focus on the many ways we can use narrative to teach science and engage the public. Please join us to share your ideas, learn form each other and network! Keynote speakers confirmed include Joseph Kerski, Geographer and Education Manager at ESRI www.josephkerski.com and Jeffrey Perkel, Technology Editor for Nature magazine. https://jeffreyperkel.com/

The virtual conference is open to all and will be held January 16, 2021 on Zoom.  We anticipate a schedule that runs from about 11 am thru 4 pm EST.  A program for the conference will be available on this page January 7 and will be sent to registrants.



The conference will address:

  • science teaching strategies that are driven by narrative;
  • science in the media;
  • interpretation of data and what role narrative can play;
  • dissemination of knowledge and what role does narrative play;
  • personal or biographical narratives in science or in the science classroom;
  • how political and social narratives shape experimental design;
  • storytelling as a tool for disseminating results and engaging the public;
  • use of narratives in exploring ethics in science.

Formats include:

Workshops – A workshop will be a hands-on, interactive experience for the participants during which the participants will be actively engaged with the material.  These can be run by individuals or groups, and will be two hours.

Discussion/Panels – A discussion or panel will be an opportunity for a group of people to present short summaries of work that engages with a specific topic or question related to narratives in science.  Each presenter will have approximately 5 minutes to share their general view of the topic, after which the remainder of the allocated time will be devoted to an open discussion with the other panelists and audience.  Applicants can apply as a group to promote a discussion around a particular aspect of the theme, or apply individually and be assigned to a panel on their chosen topic.  These will be seventy-five minutes.

Posters – Posters can explore any of the ways narrative can be used in science. There will be time to visit and discuss posters after lunch.


in an email sent directly from NSCSE/SENCER.  Zoom address for the conference will be sent to registrants before January 16.  The Conference organizers are Dr. Paula Lazrus ([email protected]) or Dr. Alison Hyslop ([email protected]).