21th SENCER SUMMER INSTITUTE ON-LINE August 5-August 22, 2021

The National Center for Science and Civic Engagement and the SENCER project will be taking advantage of our continuing virtual meeting format and combine synchronous and asynchronous programming spread over 3 weeks, from August 5-22.  Our theme for 2021 is Climate Justice. TO REGISTER GO HERE

We now know that a warming climate is our greatest global-civic challenge. It is the “existential” threat to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. Climate justice is the recognition that the adverse impacts of climate change are not equitable, and fall disproportionately on marginalized and underserved communities. Addressing climate change will require STEM knowledge, but its inequitable social, political, economic, and public health impacts will demand much more, the kind of multidisciplinary and systemic inquiry reflected in the SENCER ideals. To support educators in modifying existing courses and creating new curricula focused on this critical problem, the SENCER Summer Institute is focusing on Climate Justice for its 2021 programs.

  • Workshops – Our workshops will feature teams of experienced SENCER experts working with groups of faculty in breakout rooms. Workshop participants who fulfill all requirements will receive a SENCER certificate of completion. Workshops will run for two afternoons and be held from 1:00-4:00pm (Eastern) on the specified days : 
    • SENCER 101 – for new attendees, we will introduce you to the basics of backward course design using SENCER civic engagement principles and outcomes. Participants will produce a draft syllabus for a SENCER course. (August 5-6)
    • SENCER 102 – for experienced SENCER instructors, this session will focus on improving  your existing SENCER course through the incorporation of inclusive syllabus design, high-impact practices, and learner centered assessment strategies. Revised and peer-reviewed courses will be ready for inclusion in a faculty teaching portfolio. (August 7-8)
    • Designing a Climate Justice SENCER interdisciplinary module – In this workshop participants will develop a climate justice focused module that could be inserted into an existing course in a range of disciplines and course levels. (August 21-22)
    • Aligning the General Education curriculum with SENCER ideals – this workshop will feature faculty connected to the new national “Improvement of General Education Life Sciences Courses” (IGELs) network. (August 14-15)
  • Panels – Panels will feature both external experts and practitioners from within our SENCER community and will address the following themes: 
    • Social Justice, Diversity, Inclusion
    • The STEM Learning Ecosystem: Informal and Life-long learning 
    • Indigenous Knowledge and STEM 
    • Misinformation and STEM – Communicating Science
    • Lessons learned from the pandemic – Access, Equity, and Justice
  • Digital Poster Sessions and Recorded Presentations (with Q&A time with presenters) will also be scheduled.


We welcome proposals for poster and recorded video presentations at this year’s SENCER Summer Institute, to be held online from August 5 through August 22, 2021. 


We especially encourage proposals that address educational efforts that address climate justice.  Formats are: 

  • Posters (should be submitted as pdf)
  • Recorded sessions – each recording should be 5-10 minutes long and will be uploaded to our SENCER youtube channel after the meeting. Additional instructions for submitting posters and recorded presentations for SSI are at: http://sencer.net/virtual-presenter-instructions/

Synchronous poster presentation sessions and 20 minute  presentation slots for video presenters will be scheduled to allow for Q&A and further discussion of presentations.  See proposal submission form.