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Case Studies in Academic Leadership 2020 (free but registration required as part of SSI registration)

Times of crisis challenge all leaders.  The unprecedented global pandemic is challenging leaders in higher education as the very foundations of University life have been upended.  How have your institutional leaders fared?  How have you led through this time of crisis? We will use case studies as well as your own experiences to discuss leadership approaches and decision-making strategies in this time of great uncertainty.  There is no clear path or magic bullet but we, as grounded, values-based leaders, can navigate this crisis with integrity, trust, and transparency.

This workshop is sponsored by S4HE and is offered free of charge.



Adrianna Kezar is the Dean’ s Professor of Leadership, Wilbur-Kieffer Professor of Higher Education at the University of Southern California, and Director of the Pullias Center for Higher Education.

Suresh Venkatasubramanian is a professor at the University of Utah. His background is in algorithms and computational geometry, as well as data mining and machine learning.

Kristen Kulinowski is the Director of IDA’s Science and Technology Policy Institute, a Federally Funded Research and Development Center.

Lelia Hawkins is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA where she teaches courses in the fields of chemistry and climate science, including general chemistry, chemical and instrumental analysis, and global climate change.



Culminating Assignments for Optimal Assessment of SENCER Student Learning Outcomes Part I: Alignment, Evaluation, and Analysis (Yao Hill, University of Hawaii)

Culminating Assignment for Optimal Assessment of SENCER Student Learning Outcomes Part II: Authenticity, Specificity, and Scaffolding (Yao Hill, University of Hawaii)

When Biology and Chemistry cross paths: Teaching social justice (Linden Higgins, Education for Critical Thinking;  Bettie Davis, St. Vincent College)

Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) (Clif Kussmaul, Green Mango Associates)

Using Engineering Design to Integrate Civic Engagement into K-12 Learning (Kathleen Browne, Rider University,  Jessica Monaghan, Princeton University; Missy Holzer, Science Standards Specialist; Andrea Drewes, Rider University)

HeLa Cells and #BLM: An Intersectional Analysis of Race, Gender, Class and Biology (Katayoun Chamany, Eugene Lang College, The New School)


Teaching Through COVID-19

Creative Tension in Teaching through Covid-19 (Bob Kao, Heritage University)

Communicating Mathematics During a Global Health Crisis (Zeynep Teymuroglu and Anne Stone, Rollins College)

What can the History of the HIV-AIDS Crisis Teach us about the COVID-19 Pandemic? (Karl Haushalter, Harvey Mudd College)

The Pandemic Pivot: Teaching a Non-majors Science Course Through COVID-19 (Trace Jordan, New York University

Using COVID-19 Data to Create A Virtual Research Experience for Undergraduates (Mariah Birgen, Wartburg College)

How Can Our Experience of COVID-19 Change How we Structure Science Courses for Majors and Non Majors? (Matt Fisher, St. Vincent College)

Engaging Climate Science

Quality Instructional Resources for Climate Science and Climate Change (K-12)

Climate Justice Across the Curriculum (Sonya Remington-Doucette, Bellevue College)

Values-Based Academic Leadership in Times of Crisis (Sponsored by S4HE)

Maintaining Trust and Morale in a Time of Crisis (Ellen Goldey, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Centre College, Theo Koupelis, Dean, Academic Affairs and STEM/Math Pathway at Broward College, and Amy Shachter, Santa Clara University)  

External Review: Strategies for Opportunity in a Time of Crisis (Karen Oates, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Amy Shachter, Santa Clara University)  

Creating your Next Professional Career Move: Exploring Options even in a Pandemic (Karen Oates, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; and Amy Shachter, Santa Clara University) 

Grappling with Controversial Subjects: Can Lessons Learned from the Debate on Creationism inform COVID-19  Vaccination?  (Jay Labov, and Karen Oates, Worcester Polytechnic Institute)