Meeting Terms and Conditions

Use of Personal Information
By accepting, I understand that NCSCE will share the following information I have provided through meeting registration form in printed program materials and/or mobile applications: name, title, institution/organization, department, mailing address, phone, and email. Other personal information will not be shared publicly.

Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages
By accepting, I agree that, should I wish to consume alcohol during meals and/or receptions, I will follow the rules set by NCSCE regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Should tickets be used to regulate the distribution of alcoholic beverages during said meals and/or receptions, I understand that they are non-transferrable. I agree not provide alcohol to participants under 21 years of age. I agree not to consume alcoholic beverages if I am under 21 years of age.

Photographs Taken at Meetings
By accepting, I understand that photographs of me may be taken during NCSCE meetings and that they may appear on the SENCER or NCSCE websites, or in SENCER or NCSCE publications.