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There are plenty of ways to get involved in our community. You can attend one of our national or regional events, get a campus consultation, sign up for our newsletter, publish in our journal, volunteer your time, or make a financial donation. Expand the options below and get involved today!

Publish in Our International Journal

SENCER publishes a peer-reviewed journal twice yearly on connections between science education and civic engagement.

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Make Your Course a SENCER Model Course

The SENCER model courses are curricular approaches to improving science learning and supporting engagement with complex issues.

SENCER Model Courses

Share Your Knowledge in a SENCER Backgrounder

SENCER Backgrounders are intended to provide intelligent, general readers with high quality syntheses of some of the complex, capacious civic issues.

SENCER Backgrounders

Fund Your Course Reform or Outreach Goals

Awards that support curriculum development, outreach, extraordinary contributions to citizen science, and transformative regionalization are made to support and recognize the work of our community.

Post-Institute Implementation Awards

Meet and Share Your Work with Our Community

We host annual national and regional meetings that disseminate information and encourage discourse and discussion on major themes related to teaching and learning reform centered around civic engagement.

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Attend or Access Our Webinar Series

We offer webinars on a range of topics to help support curricular reform, civic integration, and student engagement. Our webinars are hosted by experts in the field and community members seasoned in doing the work of SENCER.

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