Our community is made up of professionals, informal and formal educators, and administrators in K-12 and higher education institutions. Our network represents a broad range of disciplines, including academic affairs, aerospace engineering, agriculture, American government, American literature, analytical chemistry, art, astronomy, and atmospheric science; and those are just the As!

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SCI Co-Directors at SSI 2016

SCI Co-Directors at SSI 2016

SENCER Centers for Innovation

The SENCER Centers for Innovation (SCIs) offer expertise, local support for members of the SENCER community, and meetings and workshops to complement national SENCER Summer Institutes and Washington Symposia.


The SCIs were inaugurated in 2008, and since then, have grown and expanded in number. Central Plains, hosted by Butler University, Great Lakes, hosted by Case Western Reserve University, and Chesapeake Bay, hosted by George Mason University, are the newest Centers.

SCI events are open to educators, administrators, and students from around the country and internationally, but are especially designed with the needs and interests of their regional areas in mind.

Regional Centers
  1. SCI-New England (hosted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
  2. SCI-MidAtlantic (hosted by Rutgers University)
  3. SCI-Chesapeake Bay (hosted by George Mason University)
  4. SCI-Great Lakes (hosted by Case Western Reserve University)
  5. SCI-Central Plains (hosted by Butler University)
  6. SCI-Midwest (hosted by Roosevelt University)
  7. SCI-South (hosted by University of North Carolina – Asheville)
  8. SCI-Southwest (hosted by Texas Woman’s University)
  9. SCI-West (hosted by Santa Clara University)

How to Get Involved

We invite you to explore the individual SCI pages and to connect with the leadership of each center for more information.